Main Branch :Dusit Thani Commercial Complex, Muroor Road, Opposite Al Jazeera Club Abu Dhabi
Saada Branch :Al Falah building off Murour Street, between 21 & 31, Abu Dhabi

Laboratory Medicine – Services Demo

YHCC provides medical services that help treat patients, by equipping laboratories with sophisticated equipments and by an integrated team of technical and professional expertise.

Department Mission

The Department of Laboratory is committed to providing comprehensive clinical pathology services to all patients of all ages. The laboratory is ISO 15189:2012 certified, and has an External Quality Assessment program run by CAP. It is dedicated to providing the best quality, most up-to-date, efficient, and effective laboratory services in a professional manner. These services can be used to assess wellness and identify disease risk factors, as well as assisting in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease.

Scope of service

The lab has been equipped with specialized medical devices where specialists and technicians work. They process clinical laboratory test samples, including routine and urgent specimen in an efficient, timely manner to get accurate clinical laboratory test results. The laboratory is considered one of the main diagnostic departments in YHC consisting of the following units:

Clinical chemistry and Immunology:

Offers a wide variety of lab tests, including general chemistry profile, enzyme determination, lipid profile, cardiac risk markers, liver function tests, kidney profile, trace metals, neonatal and prenatal screening, and endocrinology tests for female and male fertility testing.

Clinical Hematology:

Services include automated blood counts, coagulation studies, immunohematology, blood typing as well as identification of genetic disorders of hemoglobin and diagnosing different types of anemia and red blood disorders.

Clinical Microbiology:

Provides a wide spectrum of tests including microscopy, culture for detection and identification of parasites, fungi, as well as bacteria that cause human pathogenic infections related to different body sites and organs. It also performs a variety of drug susceptibility testing to help in antimicrobial treatment.


Offers the tests that help in diagnosis of viral and other infectious diseases by detecting antigen or antibody reactions.

Phlebotomy Services:

Phlebotomy staff is trained to be facile on newborns as well as the aged.

Our Doctor

Dr. Zainab Al Zuabidy
Specialist hematopathology
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MOH Approval No. 7W8ERMWD-120722

Main Branch
Dusit Thani Commercial Complex, Muroor Road, Opposite Al Jazeera Club, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Saada Branch
Al Falah building off Murour Street, between 21 & 31, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The main visitors’ parking, located outside the building complex of the center, is available in parking B1 and in the main branch. There is a signposted as you enter the main building.

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