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your thyroid needs iodine to work well. make sure you’re using iodized table salt at home.


spinach, lettuce, and other leafy greens are great sources of magnesium, an all-star mineral that plays a huge role in your body processes. fatigue, muscle cramps, and changes in your heartbeat could be signs that you’re not getting enough.


cashews, almonds, and pumpkin seeds are excellent sources of iron. brazil nuts help your thyroid in two ways. not only are they a good source of iron, but they’re also rich in selenium, another mineral that supports your thyroid. just a few each day give you the selenium you need.


fish, shrimp, and seaweed are great sources of iodine. you need iodine for a healthy thyroid, but avoid large amounts of iodine-rich choices like kelp. that may make your condition worse.


in rare cases, some of the chemicals found in soy products like soy milk or edamame could hurt your thyroid’s ability to make hormones, but only if you don’t get enough iodine and eat large amounts.


if you eat things like kidneys, heart, or liver, you might get a lot of lipoic acid. that’s a fatty acid found in these and some other foods. but if you get too much, it could mess with the way your thyroid works. lipoic acid could also affect any thyroid medicines you take.


gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. unless you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, it probably won’t affect your thyroid. gluten can damage the small intestines of people with celiac disease. they can have other autoimmune disorders like hashimoto’s disease (which leads to an underactive thyroid) and graves’ disease (which leads to an overactive thyroid). if you have celiac disease, a gluten-free diet may help prevent these thyroid diseases.


the foods you eat can affect your thyroid medicine. they can slow down how your body absorbs medicine. it can also affect how well it does it.

  • Take Medicine On An Empty Stomach, Preferably In The Morning.
  • Some Vitamins And Antacids Can Also Prevent Your Medicine From Working.
  • Ask Your Doctor Or Pharmacist For More Information About Timing Your Food And Other Meds Around Your Thyroid Treatment.
  • If You Have An Underactive Thyroid, A Condition Called Hypothyroidism, Exercise Is Probably The Last Thing On Your Mind. After All, Symptoms Like Fatigue, Swelling, And Joint And Muscle Pain Don’t Make You Want To Get Up And Go.
  • But Experts Say That Physical Activity Can Help You Feel Better.

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Main Branch
Dusit Thani Commercial Complex, Muroor Road, Opposite Al Jazeera Club, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Saada Branch
Al Falah building off Murour Street, between 21 & 31, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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